Info on IFFF

A brief description about each of the game angling/casting instructing certifications you might want to consider.

Interational Federation of Fly-Fishers

Web site;

The IFFF is an umbrella organisation that has several divisions under that umbrella, namely, conservation, fly tying and fly fishing among them. The organisation as a whole is presided over by a Board of Directors (BoD). Under them are sub divisions. The Casting Instructors Certification Program (CICP) is run by a group called the Casting Board of Governors (CBoGs) who oversee the program on behalf of the BoD.

You have to be a member of the IFFF (yearly subscription) as well as renewing your certification via the CICP annually as well. You can’t have one without the other.

The IFFF has over two thousand instructors worldwide. This can make it a bit fragmented and leave you a bit isolated, especially if the IFFF certification is the only one available to you. However they are a friendly bunch and you will only have to ask for help from a local instructor and they are normally only too willing to help.

The CICP is a bit like the open university of the fly casting certification world. The IFFFs website has a huge amount of material that will help you prepare for certification. Couple this with some lessons and mentoring from local IFFF instructors and you have the route I took to become certificated.

Entry level is Certified Casting Instructor (CCI) followed by Master Certified Casting Instructor (MCCI) you can also certificate for the Two-Handed Certified Instructor (THCI).

There is no time limit on taking the assessments, you take them when you or your mentor (if you have one, but I advise you do) think you are ready. Your preparation may include a mock assessment by an MCCI if you have one available. If you fail the assessment you can be re-assessed free provided it’s within twelve months of the failed test.

Costs of Assessments are on the IFFF website and may incur an additional event fee if assessors have to travel any distance. There is also a registration fee once you have passed.

However, becoming certified via the IFFF is generally a cheaper option than the domestic associations, but may take a little bit longer if you are starting from scratch.

At the moment you may need to travel abroad to keep up to date with Continual Personal Development, this year, for instance (2013), there are meetings scheduled for Germany, Italy and Denmark as well as the USA. You may also need to travel abroard to be assessed but now we have quite a sizable membership in the UK we may be able to offer testing here in the future.


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